Can Canadian Auto Brokers Save You Time and Money?

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When you need a great deal on your next vehicle or better financing, explore the advantages of working with Canadian Auto Brokers.

Sometimes you need transportation. Other times, you want a dream car. Either way, you have to work to get the car you want.

You scrimp and save, sacrificing to set aside the money you need for a down payment on the car you love. Then the real work begins: finding your car and negotiating for the best price. 

Haggling isn’t for everyone and, yet, you know if you buy the car and pay the sticker price, you’ve been had. If only you had someone to do the negotiating for you. 

Enter Canadian Auto Brokers. Canadian Auto Brokers is your best choice in Western Canada. They want to connect you with the car of your dreams and the payment you can afford. They do the hard work for you while you sit back at home and wait for your car. 

Keep reading to learn how businesses like Canadian Auto Brokers can save you time and money when it’s time to get some new wheels. 

What Are Auto Brokers? 

If you’re looking for the best auto broker Canada has seen, look no further than Canadian Auto Brokers. Canadian Auto Brokers, like all auto brokers, are not a lending institution itself. Rather, it is a group with over 30 Canadian lenders including both banks and dealerships. 

Because Canadian Auto Brokers is not a lending institution on its own, it cannot promise consistent fees. All extra costs such as APR percentages, associated fees, interest rates, and transaction fees depend on which lender Canadian Auto Brokers secure for you. This means an auto broker can find the best deal out there for you. 

If a dealer is offering a special incentive, for example, Canadian Auto Brokers will find it. The terms, rates, and programs depend solely on the lender, but the broker can find the deals for you. 

The lenders associated with Canadian Auto brokers have rates stretching between 0% and 40%, depending on your credit record and the programs the lenders have at the time. 

You can also get cashback through an auto broker. Some lender programs reward applicants for their excellent credit history with cash-back rewards. 

Why Do I Need an Auto Broker? 

You might be thinking, “People have bought cars for decades on their own. Why do I need an auto broker to do this job for me?” 

You need an auto broker for the same reason that busy people need housekeepers. Sure, anyone can dust and vacuum a house. But if you’re a busy person, you want to focus on doing your job or spending time with your family rather than keeping house. 

When you need a new car, you can bypass the massive amount of time you’ll spend searching for the car, dealership after dealership, and then searching for the best deal. You can hire a broker to save you both time and money. 

Professionals Dealing With Professionals

The average car salesman moves around 10 cars a month. Great salespeople will sell up to 20 cars a month.

Salesmen are professionals at what they do. They know how to read people and how to sell what they have to just about anyone. When you walk into a dealership, the salesman will have you pegged from the start based on how you look at cars, what you’re wearing, and what you drive. 

When you hire a car broker, you’re hiring a professional buyer. They represent you, so the salesman never even sees you. The salesman can no longer peg you or your ability to pay for what you want. 

A professional buyer, like a car broker, can get the best deal for you because they’re experienced at their job. They also have connections in the car industry and relationships already forged. This allows them to make deals faster and more efficiently. 

Save Time

When you buy a car, you should plan on spending an entire day, scouring dealerships for the best deal and car possible. Even before you go to the dealership, you can search the internet for the best car deal in your neighbourhood and beyond. You ultimately spend days searching for the right car with the hope that you can purchase it before someone else snags it. 

And you take the time to find the best deal. A car is one of the biggest consumer purchases you will make in your lifetime. 

But not everyone has the time to put into finding the best deal. As a result, many people end up purchasing a lemon of a car or too much of a car that they ultimately cannot afford. 

When you hire an auto broker, you save yourself time. You tell the broker what you can afford for a monthly payment and what kind of car you’d like, and then you walk away. You let the broker do his job by finding you the car you want and the payment you can afford. 

You will save yourself days if not weeks in searching for the perfect deal when you use an auto broker. 

Save Money

Time is money. When you’re not spending your time searching for a car, you can work and continue to do the job that pays your bills. You’re also not spending oodles of money on fuel, driving all over town and searching for the perfect car. 

Plus, an auto broker helps you find the best deal. Auto brokers have connections, so they can negotiate the best deal even after they’ve located a great price on a car. Plus, auto brokers have access to databases and resources that you do not have access to. 

Maybe you want a specific type of car in a specific colour. An auto broker will have a good idea of which dealerships to look at first when you would’ve just started with the first one that showed up on Google search. 

Be Satisfied

If you know what you want, you will find yourself more satisfied when you use an auto broker. The broker will be helpful when you’re looking for that impossible-to-find vehicle or when you’re buying a used car. 

Again, brokers have connections. If they do not have a personal connection, they have the technical connections to find the specific type of car you want. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that the broker has your best interest in mind, and you’ll walk away satisfied with what he found for you. 

What If I Have Bad Credit? 

If you have bad credit, you’re not alone. Experts are estimating credit card delinquencies will rise to 2.9 percent by the end of 2020 in Canada. Delinquencies lead to bad credit scores. 

Bad credit can be one of the biggest hurdles in financing a car. It’s a strange predicament you find yourself in when you have bad credit and need a car. 

For example, you need a car to get to work so you can make money and pay your bills. Yet you cannot secure an auto loan because of the bad credit that you can fix by going to work and earning money. 

An auto broker can help you with this as well. You can find bad credit auto loan financing at Canadian Auto Brokers. 

Auto brokers have experience in working with all kinds of buyers. Some brokers even specialize in working with buyers who have bad credit. These brokers can help you secure a loan even with a poor credit history. 

Some brokers even work to help you find a loan to help your credit. Canadian Auto brokers specialize in credit repair car loans, helping you not just score some wheels but helping you fix your credit in the process. 

In the end, Canadian Auto brokers just want to help Canadians get back on the road, no matter what your financial situation is.

Where Can I Find an Auto Broker Near Me? 

If you live in Canada, you do not have to look for to find an excellent auto broker. Canadian Auto Brokers is the best auto broker agency in Canada, connecting residents to the best automobiles and rates in the area. 

We are committed to Canadians, wanting nothing more than to see them on the road behind the wheel of the car of their dreams. Whether you’re looking for a rare car or a common car, we’re here to help. No matter your financial situation, we want to get you a vehicle. 

Land a Car With Help

Your best bet in finding the car you want at the price you can afford is to hire an auto broker. Auto brokers connect you with the best deals on the market. They use their connections and buying expertise to save you time and money. 

To find the best automobile deals out there, contact us. We’re committed to getting Canadians back on the road.

Grant Higginson

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