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At Canadian Auto Brokers, we take the burden of dealing with banks & dealerships off your back, and help you get the vehicle you want at a payment you’ll love. By setting you up with a credit repair car loan that works for your individual circumstances, we not only assist you in getting a car that fits your wants and needs, but also in helping you develop your low credit score.

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Tell us a bit about you, the vehicle & payment you’re looking for. After you apply, we'll contact you to discuss what options you have for trading in, refinancing or purchasing a new vehicle.

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Dealing with a pain in the bank? No problem! We wont stop working on your application until we get you the best car loan approval at the lowest rate possible.

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Congratulations! Once you’re approved, your new vehicle will be delivered to your home cleaned & disinfected, or keep your current vehicle and we'll take care of the rest for you!

Don't Sweat It About Your Credit

We're Here To Help You Work On It.

The banks say that you need credit in order to build credit. But how do you take the first step if your low credit score is standing in your way? A lot of people are scared off by this ‘credit paradox,’ but there are ways around this vicious cycle. What’s one of the best ways to develop a better credit score? Through regular payments, such as on a low interest rate car loan designed to help build your credit.

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